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VIVA is always recommended in a series (at least 3 treatment)

Venus Medical Grade Bone Marrow Stem Cell Technology

1  VIVA treatment with 1 Post Recovery Kit - $550, each additional treatment without kit is $450/each

2 VIVA treatments with 1 Post Recovery Kit - $900 ($450 each)

3 VIVA treatments with 1 Post Recovery Kit - $1200 ($400 each)

Post Treatment Recovery Kit 
$207 MSRP

Skin types: All

Skin conditions: Irritated, sensitive, post ablative treated skin

This kit was designed specifically for use post ablative procedures. Semi-ablative skin procedures initiate an inflammatory response, increase transepidermal water loss and may have potential for environmental contamination. The Post Treatment Recovery Kit offers a superior formula for healing post ablative treatment and is uniquely suited for such procedures. In addition to the pro-healing anti-inflammatory biosignals derived from Human Bone Marrow Stem Cells, more than a dozen other actives are found in this kit, each scientifically proven to have positive skin benefits. The ingredients contained in this kit all work together to ensure you the best results post treatment.